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The Story Corner : The Uncouth Uncle Leading The World

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Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

Story corner is a subtle gossip corner for you. We will take some issues around the country and sometimes outside the country and discuss about them. If they arrest me, I will come for all of you too {lol}. Story story….


I was seated in my house when a friend of mine called me and asked me to switch on my television. Hmmh! what is happening here? what is going? she told me the station to check and gbam! as I turned on the TV to watch, I saw one Brown abi na gold  haired man like that,having a press conference. As usual, I was waiting for that part that will turn us off, that part that will make us wonder if he’s  right for the position he occupies and yes! he showed it again but this time, I was shocked. I opened my mouth agape for quite a period of time because I couldn’t fathom it. Our uncle was addressing gentlemen of the press and just like that, he asked them to ask questions, picked a particular reporter to ask and daaaazzzzaaa!!! Uncle said, the reporter was shocked that he told her to speak and while the reporter was trying to rebuff the statement, he said, he knows she doesn’t think anyway. Whhhhaaaaaaaattttt!!! What a something that cannot be fathomed. If I were to be that reporter ehn, I think they will end up arresting me because I will throw something at this man. His man is uncouth to be a leader {Stop asking me who I am referring to o. I am just telling a story}  By the way, this video went viral and people have since been saying he is  just like that and we shouldn’t be surprised. What a wonder.

Gone were days when you are required to be of the utmost behaviour to lead people. Now, even a hooligan will come and say because he has money, he can contest, win and start ruling in hooliganism. I wonder!

Further Tips : I even heard that something happened in Lagos o. I heard another uncle abused another uncle because he felt that uncle was coming for what’s his. Hmmph!Food is ready. I will see you soon. {Walks out}

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  1. This is hilarious. A better packaged rant of the day. Sincerely, I think this uncle is the greatest mistake they made as a powerful nation but what do we know sef? let us just be looking at them looool.

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