It Is One Life, Live It

By Onozasi

We are going to be missing something if we keep thinking about what ‘the others’ will think. You want to take a ride, take it. You want to swim, swim. You want to go for a long walk, do it. You want to wear that short dress or short skirt, do it and stop bothering your head about the thoughts of others. It is not important. So many of us live our lives under the umbrella of other people that we forget that the life we have is one and we are responsible for it. Why don’t you want to live well? Well, you think people will say you are shinning too much, they might probably think you have the kinda money which in actual fact, you do not have. What is there to be sorry about?

Young black girl making a healthy salad.
Young black girl making a healthy salad.

The fact that you are pretending not to be fine is something they will still talk about. People will talk, they will always have something to say. They will always attack other people, not everyone would buy your idea, the faster you get it, the better. You want to have some fun, have it. You want to post it on your wall, post it and let them talk from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, they want to talk that’s why. We need to know that we were born alone and we would die alone so live your life to the fullest. When death comes, no one would die with you. Nobody will follow you to the grave, so, why are you stressing yourself?


There was a friend of mine whose complexion could lighten up a room  but she will never want wear clothes that fit her complexion because she didn’t want to criticized, she didn’t want anyone telling her that she distracted the boys on the road. She was practically ashamed of her complexion. The very same complexion that some people are buying products to have and this girl was given naturally. One day, we went for an event and the speaker was way fairer than she was. This speaker looked so good and spoke fantastically well. At the end of the event, I asked her, what do you think about this speaker and her dress sense ? She responded by saying the speaker looked like a world class material and then I told her, so can you if you decide to live a little and shun distractions and since then, the game changed. I am not saying you should live excessively but what exactly is excess? You see, we have been living under the ideologies of other people. We have living under the rules they set, the definitions they give, that we allow those things get us bound on a spot.

Dearest reader, Live your life on your terms. Do the things you want to, Laugh, grab a drink, go dancing, go skiing, Eat that food, travel if you want to, post it, talk to people. It is just one life, Live it.

Source: Above Whispers

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