Why Is It Always About The Woman?

By Onozasi

If someone is good and fit for a job, give him/her. Why am I saying this? I read somewhere that a particular Parliament has banned women who use hair extensions, fix their nails and use eyelashes because they are fake. What the heck is that? Isn’t that rubbish of the highest order? It is bad enough that we do not have enough women in the political space and now they want to stop the few ones we have. This is seriously unbecoming that some men will sit down somewhere and create unbalanced rules to make women feel less of themselves. What is the business of hair extensions with implementation of laws? So, because you are member of parliament, you should not take good care of yourself? Is that the bone of contention and some people will say, it is distracting and my question is, what is distracting? Is it the hair that is distracting or that nosy man who has decided not to face his business. This is the world we are in, the world where the woman has to constantly fight for what belongs to her. The world where some men think that as long as a woman is pretty, takes care of herself? She has nothing to offer.


Now, this cuts across different sectors, the rules and regulations that women are constantly subjected to. They are not allowed to be themselves because of the space they acquire. I understand the space of modesty don’t get me wrong but there is the space of accepting who a woman is. They do not want to accept that you can be fashionable and brainy, they want to pull you down, they want to call the shot and ridicule you just because they have the privilege of setting the rules. I will say this, there is nothing limiting a woman from functioning because women know how to function even in the midst of a siege. Let women stand and stop those unworthy rules, stand and make sure that nothing stops you from being who are. Stand and show them that rules that relegate the woman to the ground cannot be accepted. Stand and show forth that you are worth more than your beauty products but at the same time, you should not be stopped, disturbed for using them.


Source: Above Whispers

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