AW Specials : True Speak Network For Aspiring Broadcasters Created By Ify Onyegbule

By Onozasi

Broadcasting is serious business, for those who want to aspire to be broadcasters, the nitty gritty of the business must be known and adhered to. Unlike the wishy-washy terrain that some so-called broadcasters are working on which has made the field look unprofessional, without depth. The game is changing as some veteran broadcasters are engaging upcoming broadcasters, the generation Z on what broadcasting entails. One of such veterans is Ify Onyegbule, the Team Lead at True Speak Network for broadcasters  this platform is meant for those who want to surpass the ordinary level to speak with poise and good articulation. This academy is aimed at correcting the wish-washy madness that the media is surrounded with and to make sure that broadcasters emerge defined, adequate and fit for the job.

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{L- R} Mary Ikoku, Ify Onyegbule, Mr Chris, Funke Osae – Brown, Funke Treasure – Durodola

Ify Onyegbule is a Broadcast Journalist, Presentation Coach, Social critic, Publisher, Author and Activist on Women issues. Her experience spans 18 years across different Radio and TV stations in Nigeria. She has plied her trade with 96.9 Cool FM, Lagos, Radio Nigeria’s Metro 97.6 FM, Africa’s largest Radio Network and was extensively involved in News Reading, Programme Production and Music Presentation.

She also had stints with Treasure FM in Port Harcourt, Capital FM, Abuja all under Radio Nigeria. As she left the Government owned stations, she forayed into the private stations again, venturing into and specializing in core Presentation and News reading with Radio Continental’s 102.3FM and Television Continental in Lagos. She devotes her spare time to talking with young people in higher institutions, giving speeches, Compering Corporate events, attending conferences and seminars aimed at impacting lives.

As the Team Lead at True Speak Network, she organised a session for upcoming and aspiring broadcasters where veterans broadcasters lead the session by teaching the required takes on what broadcasting is and what broadcasting is not. Facilitators are the event were refined, renowned veterans who engaged the audience in their capacity. The facilitators at the event were : Ifeoma Onyeator of Channels TV who spoke about content creation, research, ability to learn and unlearn ethics, the character of a broadcaster and the poise of a broadcaster. She spoke about the art of creativity and depth that as  broadcasters, must be evident in your field.  Also, Funke Osase- Brown of Luxury Reporters, discussed content creation with the audience and why unique contents make a broadcaster versatile and vast in knowledge. According to her, stealing other people’s content is a crime and makes a broadcaster vague.

Participants and Facilitators at the event

Funke Treasure – Durodola the deputy Director at Radio Nigeria spoke to the audience about adequate reporting and searching for stories that sell you to the world. Finally, Mary Ikoku discussed public speaking, explaining the capacity of the broadcaster as an orator.

It was a good experience as participants looked forward to having another session to learn more.

Source: Above Whispers

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