Some ‘Mondays’ Like This!

I went for a house party yesterday. It was a great time of mad fun. I danced my legs out, ate, networked and enjoyed the last part of the weekend before heading to Monday even though I could see Monday staring at me but I didn’t care. Let’s catch some fun before we head to that day of the week. We finished the house party pretty late and I got home and slept off just like that. I slept on my couch and didn’t even bother setting my usual alarm.

Athlete runner feet running on road closeup on shoe. woman fitness sunrise jog workout wellness concept.
Athlete runner feet running on road closeup on shoe. woman fitness sunrise jog workout wellness concept.

Work for me, starts by 8 am as I work with a consulting firm in Lagos, I live at Egbeda and work on the island so I set out very early by 4: 30 am most times just to beat traffic and be at work as early as possible. I felt without an iota of doubt it’s a Sunday evening, everyone is always Monday conscious on Sunday nights so you wouldn’t wake up late. Though this happened on the other side of my thoughts. Guess what, I was so fagged out of the party stress and was wasted to the extent that I didn’t wake up till 7 am this morning. Lawwwwd! I can’t cry. I don’t live in Bonny camp so I can’t rush down to work I mean I stay at Egbeda for Christ sake. How will I survive it?

As I rushed into the bathroom I discovered that I just couldn’t make it early to work, I called my seat partner and told her to fill in for me and gave the period excuse. I am sorry but how was I supposed to narrate that a party got me fagged out and I couldn’t meet up this morning? I just had to find something reasonable, it is a Monday morning. Who gets to work late without a reasonable stuff to say? I placed that in, thinking it could fly but I got to the bus stop, guess what? No bus! I wanted to die. Immediately, I ordered for an Uber, the Uber guy was coming from ikeja!  please? who sent me something evil this morning? Who did?

I had to wait for over 45 minutes at the bus stop before fighting a third world war to get on a bus and then as we started moving along the road, the bus stopped and couldn’t move again. I had to spend some minutes to get another bus and finally I made it to the office at about 11’am. on Monday! I couldn’t speak to anyone and even though I gave the period excuse this was just too much baggage that the real period wouldn’t have thrown at me.


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