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In this day and age where privacy isn’t in vogue anymore? This day and age where everyone seems to be an authority in their thoughts and especially on social media? It is important to tell people to learn how to mind their business! Sincerely, I  do not understand why someone would jump on another person’s case without being called to interfere.  There was a post I saw on the gram of a plus size woman who has stretch marks and people went body shaming her and I am like, this is the height of nonentity! What is your business? Is it your body? Why can’t you face your focus?  It is very appalling and so, I decided that I will teach people how to face what concerns them on social media most importantly.

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  1. It is Not Your Page

It is important that people know that getting on another person’s page to say trash about their post shows how foolish the person is. Excuse me, it is not your page! The other person has the right to post whatever they want on their page and you should respect that. If someone has gone on their page to post about their family, their body, etc. Please, stay clear! You cannot go on proving to be lord of comments and criticism, this just depicts you as one without good brains. {Ouch!}

2. You don’t have to Follow

Helllooooooo… It is not a  crime to unfollow. Get that in mind! It is not a crime to unfollow if you think that the feeds aren’t feeding your mind the way you want it? Press the unfollow icon and move on. Staying there and getting angry, ranting rubbish just shows that you are bitter! So, move on if it doesn’t suit you. There is No Crime In It!

3. You don’t have to Talk

The problem with a lot of people is that they think freedom of speech excludes silence. They don’t understand that Silence is a useful communication tool. Excuse me, you don’t have to talk! You can decide to be mute and move when you know that your information won’t be mentally useful. Just keep quiet and move on!

4. Imagine it was You.

If you were the one who uploaded the pics of your parents and someone called your mother a fat cow? Imagine you were the one who uploaded your pics and some said your legs looked like an abandoned chewing stick, how would you feel? What would you do? I know some people hide behind the keypads to present themselves as tough but we know that most of them are just wasting away emotionally looking for who to transfer their thoughts on. You don’t have to spread hate, you just have to seek Help!

From now, Mind your Business!

Source: onozasi.wordpress.com

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