The Hurdles Of A Working Mum

This new year I decided to talk to Mr Husband about the struggles I have been through and still going through as a working mom. I have two kids and husband is thinking about pregnancy, don’t let me deceive you, I am not doing anything. I am not ready to go through that route at all. I see the way he looks and his actions, he is not happy about it but I cannot stress myself. I work and take care of the kids all alone, my maid has left and getting a maid now is very tedious. We have not set the records straight so we are not having a deal. Don’t tell me about being gentle, I am really very gentle about this but I cannot kill myself for myself. You might think that I am being ungrateful because some peeps want to me in my shoes, my dear, marriage isn’t a trophy and trust me, you wouldn’t want to be in my shoes. The stress is killing me. The kids are resuming school this week and I have been running helter skelter to get things done.


Now, I have to wake up very early and leave early to get them out of school. How do we maneuver  that? I don’t want them staying in school when others have left school. I could remember the statement my first daughter made when I came to pick them late, she said : ”Mom, why is it difficult for us to leave when other kids are leaving”. That question struck my bones but what can I do? I am working and the traffic isn’t helping. As the general manager, I have to make sure that things are settled before I close, and then traffic! Jeez! I live in Lagos, what can be more demanding than that? Especially, when the roads are constantly under construction. If Mr Husband will allow us get a maid and pause this ‘let’s get another child thing’, I will be fine because it is becoming more frustrating for me. I have told him to come to Lagos but his company hasn’t transferred him yet, so, we have to chill.

We didn’t settle things this way before marriage but now that it has happened we have to find a way around it. Why can’t you leave your job, maybe sell something for the sake of your kids? I wish it was that easy for me to make that decision. Hubby isn’t here. I have a lucrative job that helps me take care of the needs on time and then, let’s say this…I am not good at selling or opening a shop. I will be more miserable than I am now.

I love my job and I love my family but we can have a way around this if Hubby would listen to me. Our kids are 9 and 5 respectively and they are all girls so my presence is non-negotiable but this constant profitable romance discussion from hubby isn’t buying me o. I want my babies to be 12 and 8 respectively before I decide to let the land be fertile and that’s if I have the maid I want. I am not losing my job for family, it’s stressful, demanding but it’s necessary. We have to look for a way round about it.

This is the tale of a woman who works in Lagos, loves her Family, Loves her Job and wants a balanced life. You can share your story with us.

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