Dear Woman, Embrace Your Femininity

Nnenna, how come your breasts looks like that of a pregnant woman? Who has been sucking it? What kind of bra are you using? You should use firmer bras, you should work on this thing, men don’t like women whose breasts are all over the place especially when they aren’t married. 


I have been constantly oppressed by the size of my breasts. I have had to look down on myself because of them. There was a time when I ran away from men because I felt my breasts drew them closer to me than they wanted to. When I was growing up, I had a very slow growth compared to my peers. I started my period as late as 18, and at that age, I didn’t use bra. There was nothing on my chest. My mum was scared at that time when I haven’t started my period. She thought something was wrong but the doctor told her to wait, that my growth was budding that she would be shocked at my growth later on and this happened! The morning I clocked 18, my period started and guess what, my breasts started getting fuller. My mum who has been waiting for this moment called me into her room and gave me thoughtful lessons about life as a woman. At this time, I just gained admission into the University. Life began for me at 18. My mum gave me some set of bras to use and I felt like my other friends for once.  I started getting taller and my boobs were getting bigger, I was scared. I didn’t  want to be busty.

One friday, I ran home from school {University of Lagos} when a hostel mate abused me and abused my boobs, she said, my boobs were too big for my size and I looked like I have fed all the boys in school with them. I broke down in my room, packed my bags and headed home. When I got home, my mum noticed how gloomy I was and we had a chat about what happened. “Nnenna, it is not your fault, your father’s people are busty in their family and you picked their nature’‘ It’s true though, I remembered how Aunty Lizzy and Aunty Ijeoma, these ladies are very busty coupled with the fact that they are mothers. I  wish I don’t have fuller breasts like they do but it’s looking like it. Then, I devised a plan of going on the internet to check how to reduce my boobs… Don’t laugh, I was that frustrated.  I even went on YouTube to check somethings but nothing worked for me.  Then, I decided that once I became rich, I would reduce them. That’s my resolution and I kept wandering about in my pain till I got to 300 level and something happened.

In 300 level, we had a conference in school and the speaker told us that we could pray to God and ask him to solve whatever we didn’t want. I know this might sound stupid but I prayed to God to reduce my boobs that it was embarrassing me. When I got to my room, I knelt down and prayed that they be reduced drastically. I was still praying when my roommate who eavesdropped on my prayers tapped me. “Nnenna, if you don’t want this kinda boobs, tell God to add it up to mine.” I was shocked! We have been in  this room for sometime now and she never admired me. Yes, you are busty but do you know how nicely your clothes look? do you know how well you package your boobs? This is a gift that God has given you and you should appreciate it. God has blessed you with them boobs, be thankful”. Wow!!! I was dumbfounded, someone actually sees this as a gift? I went to the mirror and admired them once again and right there I realised how blessed I looked with them.

Dear Busty Sweetheart, 

Don’t be intimated! Don’t be depressed. It is a gift that God has bestowed upon you.  Do not let any man call you saggy, don’t let them talk you down. No bra can make it firmer if that is the way God created you. Take a hold of what God has given you.

Men!!! you should learn to accept the Femininity of women. Some of us have them small and firm and some of us don’t. Don’t go about bashing her for having saggy boobs. It is the way she was created. If you have an issue with that, make your own. 

Woman, You are Perfect! You were made Perfectly!!!

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