Living Life At A Time

By Onozasie

In this world of ours, achievement is what we clamour for. What have you achieved? What are you doing? What are your goals? That is all we hear about. People trying to outrun other people so they will not be judged for being lazy or for been confused. How do you stay sane in this world where everyone is in haste of showing what they are made of ? How do you appreciate your process, your falls, your tears and your growth? It is a decision to keep your head on the prize but it is also a decision to focus on you and stop being competitive which in turn makes you depressed. It is sad that we do not find solace in what we have achieved but we find it in what other people have done. We find it hard to give ourselves a tap on the back but find it easy to say, “That man is really doing well in his field” but you aren’t doing well yeah? Why, if I may ask you? Let me guess, at age 25, he owns a car, he owns three mansions, he is on Forbes list but you are still trying to find your path at age 30. You still cannot afford three square meals and it seems like the universe has become hell for you. Nothing seems to be working and even if they are working, things are just too slow for you. You are wondering when the light will shine on you, you are wondering when you will have the point to crunch on. It is normal as humans to feel that way, it is normal for us to feel that we aren’t moving like other people but it is important that we draw the line.

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Don’t check what others have achieved and term yourself a loser. They can inspire you but they shouldn’t depress you and make you feel inadequate.

  1. Appreciate everything you have been through

We should understand that whatever we are passing through is the route we need to take to get to where we are headed. Appreciate every down fall because it made you smarter. If you weren’t turned down, you wouldn’t turn up your creative prowess. Appreciate the good things you have seen and the bad things you have seen. When you are appreciative of the things you have encountered you get an understanding on what to do.

2. Run Your Race.

Dearest, everyone has a specific race they are running. You have to run your own race, It might be lengthy, it might be short, and taxing but it is your race so, run it. There is no shortcut to running it, you have to partake of the hiccups, you have to flex your muscles, you have to pant like the deer. There is nothing you can do about it. It is your race you are running, so, comparing yours with anyone else will just make you stagnant. Run it! Do it according to your demands, don’t let anyone talk you down, they can inspire you but they shouldn’t push you to fall.

3. Live Life 

Good things will come, they might come slowly but they will come. Don’t stress yourself. Learn, Relearn and live your life. Your season will come. Your light will shine. You will live in purpose!

Live it



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