Don’t Give Up, Your Tomorrow Will Be Alright

By Onozasi

Some couple of months ago, I was speaking to a friend who has been going through tough times. I was asking him questions to get him talking then I discovered that his mind has been fed with the wrong things. He has been comparing himself with his mates and this has been eating up his thought pattern. ‘I am not good enough, what is this happening to me?‘ Now, I gave him some words of encouragement and vital assignment to work on. Perhaps, you are facing such at a time like this or, you know people who are facing such? Just share this with them.


First of all, Calculate all your problems and wonder why you are still breathing.

This is funny right?  If you want to know how buoyant you are, how relentless you have become, think about all the things you have passed through, the fact that they didn’t break you is enough to get you going. The fact that you are still alive and moving all around is  a click to the loading future. Think deeply about how there have been escape routes, think deeply about the times when you thought that was the last straw you could pull but you moved past it and it made you wiser, stronger and better.

You are Not Alone : 

The mistake we make when we are going through issues is that, we feel we are alone in this world. We think we are the only ones facing hard times. There are quite a number of persons going through the same phase or going through worse scenarios. I have realised that when we think ours is done, if we open our eyes to check better, we will see someone who’s going through more than half of our challenges, smiling, moving around like nothing ever happened. You have to also know that Life is full of challenges. Nothing makes life what it is,better, than the challenges it throws at us.

You Will Survive it, If you want to:

Hey! There is Survival! You can move ahead and survive this thing. You can’t throw it under the carpet by keeping mute, you have to talk to people and that is where people get it wrong. They refuse to talk to people. They refuse to share their problems because they don’t want to be judged. The earlier you know that everyone on earth have challenges they are battling with, the better. The earlier you know that yours might be better compared to the next person’s struggles, the better for you. So, speak up! Help  might be on the way and keeping quiet might compound the problem.

Determine to walk through this : 

The greatest lie of all time is the Lie of Giving up! Don’t dare give up. Be ready to fight. I always say that we are soldiers here on earth, fighting battles, losing some and winning some. The lost battles makes us better for the next fight. You are a soldier, fight it out. It doesn’t matter how much battles you have lost, know your mistakes, cork your gun and fight better again. It is a phase! It will pass.

Music is Soul Food : 

There is nothing like the rhythm that gets you to the a better future, a battleground with the commander in-chief owing the space and winning the game. Listen to good music, music that will inspire you. The kind of music that will make you make you dance, laugh and even cry away your pain. The recharging kind of songs.


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One Response to Don’t Give Up, Your Tomorrow Will Be Alright

  1. Femi Diipo September 3, 2018 at 10:44 am

    Wonderful words to kick start a week


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