Pushing against racism and sexism

Through her leadership Samoura wants to make it known that FIFA is now ready to embrace the benefits of gender diversity in decision-making, that it will finally see women’s football with a degree of equality and that it will encourage girls across the world to achieve their dream in sports.

“There are people who think that a black woman should not be leading the administration of FIFA. It’s sometimes as simple as that,” Samoura told the BBC “It is something we are fighting on a daily basis on the pitch. I don’t want any racist person around me.”

Samoura is not a novice to football – both her uncle and her husband are former players. “Football is nothing new to me. I have been surrounded by it since I was six years old, but I am proud to see the changes we are making and the progress we are taking in regard to the women’s game.

“Throughout my life, I have always faced challenges as a woman in a traditional society or in a workplace dominated by men, but what has really taken me to where I am is hard work. I never expected anybody to do me a favour because I am a woman, and I still don’t.”