Zimbabwe’s Female Artistes ‘Fed Up’ With Abuse

By Manicaland

Local female artistes are fed up with sexual harassment, intimidation, non-payment and fake promises that make their working conditions difficult.

Mutare-based actress and filmmaker Amanda Ranganawa said this recently in an interview with The Herald.


“While there has been many a song and dance about women empowerment, there continues to be little or even no support for those who use their talent in film and theatre for survival,” she said.

“I spoke to different actresses who expressed serious concerns saying that problems such as sexual harassment, intimidation, non-payment and fake promises are the order of the day.”

Ranganawa said cases of harassment had seen most talented actresses dumping their jobs for other careers

“They complain that these challenges are forcing a large number of talented actresses off the stage and the screen to look for work elsewhere in order to survive,” she said.

Veteran actress Eunice Tava said: “Sometimes it is the behaviour of male managers and actors, which forces females out of theatre.”

 Her sentiments were echoed by Lisa Gutu, who rose to fame through the production of the film “The Past is for the Future” by Stephen Chifunyise and has been in the industry for almost two years.

“Non-payment for performances and the lack of work are the major challenges in the industry,” said Gutu. “Acting has proved that it is not a full-time job here as one is only offered roles here and there.”

Ranganawa urged upcoming actresses to be careful in the industry and avoid falling prey to abusers.

“I urge young women not to fall for these perpetrators and be independent enough to start their projects on their own if they can,” she said.

She also expressed concern over the abuse of actresses in the film industry.

“It is sad that the perpetrators are the same but the victims change every day. If we all assist a victim surely the abuse will stop and the perpetrators will be brought to book,” she said.

Source: allafrica.com

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