Know Your Clique

One peculiar thing in life is the relationships we keep. The people we get to meet and what we build with them. There are times when our support system wouldn’t come from our immediate family or close peeps. This shows that not everyone would believe your beginning at first, not everyone would understand what you see, and how you see it but this shouldn’t stop you. That is not the gist though, but a little digression because it is necessary.


The gist is ‘Who are you talking to’? As humans, when we face some challenges, we tend to look for solace in other people. When we are hurt, we want to talk about how we feel, we want to speak up and share our emotions with another. Also, we want to share our goals, our dreams with someone which we do either for clarity, for help or just to make them see that we aren’t lagging behind. This is normal, absolutely normal but as we do this, we must understand who we are talking to…

There are different kinds of people and you have to understand the place of everyone while you share your burdens or your dreams 

  1. The Solution givers : They are always ready to provide solace, to give a way out of any problem. They genuinely seek to give whatever support that is within their reach. When you share your goals with them, they constantly serve as goals reminders. They are the kind of peeps who would always check on you. They are what I your reality check peeps and will never let you be until you achieve your set objectives!

  2. The problem Expanders : They are ones who will never give a solution but compound the problem. They won’t give tangible advice but instil fear! They are the ones who would make you feel horrible much more than the time you started speaking. When you tell them about your goals and visions, they will give you a thousand and one reasons why it can never be done. They will never see reasons why you should go for gold.

3. The Educated Illiterates : What an irony but we have them everywhere. Making a mistake of speaking with these set of people will get you totally confused! These are the category of people who have no idea over an issue but will open their mouths to speak nonsense about it.Their words are meaningless and they are always incoherent. Before you speak to people, make sure they are knowledgeable and their level of wisdom is profound!


4. Hate Republic : These are the people who wouldn’t give tangible advice no matter the situation, they will never help you, they will never support you but will go about mocking your dreams. They are the ones that go about broadcasting your issues to those who aren’t related to you. They are unrepentantly bitchy!

5. The Glory Chasers : They do not add value to your emergence but will want to associate themselves with you. They are the ones that keep thumbing up wherever you are, the ones that always want to talk about what you can do a little more just to give an impression. The ones who have written you off previously but have no choice than to cheer your emergence! They aren’t real, they are just after the glory.

It’s important that you take your life seriously by knowing your clique


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