Rohey Malick Lowe Pledges To Give Part Of Her Salary On Girl’s Education

By Muhammed S. Bah

The new Mayoress of Banjul Rohey Malick Lowe, said she will give back part of her monthly salary towards the Education of girls in Banjul.

Madam Lowe made this remark during her address at the ‘Feed The Kids’, an annual festive event held at the Arch, at the entrance of Banjul, on Koriteh Day. Hundreds of children came together, some with their parents, to celebrate the occasion.


Speaking in Wollof, Mayoress Lowe said this was part of her campaign promise that her Salary will be ploughed back to help the people of Banjul if she wins. “Now I’m making it clear to everyone that I am going to invest on girl’s Education, which is geared towards women Empowerment,” she told the gathering.

After her address she was seen sharing biscuits and sweets given to her by the organisers of the event, and children could also be seen elated in receiving the biscuits from her.

The program was organised by a youth group called ‘Revelation Group’, and they organized this annual festive event that is held during the three days of every Muslim feast of Koriteh and Tobaski.

Essaha Sowe, a member of the group who doubles as the New Banjul Youth Committee Chairman, said the aim of the program is to bring Banjul children together during such festivities.

“We have children going as far as the Kombos during such festivities in previous years and most of them will dangerously lose their way back home. This is what we want to put to a stop to and most parents appreciate this,” he told this reporter.

Sowe used the opportunity to thank their sponsors, BayBa Financial Services, for putting resources in such a good initiative; that during the festive event, they served children with biscuits and sweets, and played music for them to enjoy themselves before going home.


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