Woman Thrown Out Of Restaurant For BreastFeeding

By Naira Habib

A restaurant in the city centre has come under harsh criticism after allegedly throwing out a woman for breastfeeding her baby without covering herself.

The woman, who identifies herself as Betty Kim, narrated on social media the humiliation she went through on Monday evening at the restaurant located on Accra Road.

In her posts, she blasted the restaurant’s waiters for their heartless approach in the matter.

“I’m very disappointed by (the restaurant) after humiliating me when breastfeeding my baby. Those Waiter’s should be aware not all babies are covered while being fed. The approach was pathetic, it was raining outside na siwezi nyonyeshea mtoto kwa choo,” wrote Ms Betty Kim.

“So ladies walk half naked in town and nobody cares but people cannot stand a breastfeeding mom? nkt!” said one online user.

“If you are uncomfy with a mom breastfeeding you have probably been staring for too long..get busy!!!

#pervert minds,” wrote another online user.


 “I would have first asked that everyone covers their food with a cloth as they eat it, why sexualise a breastfeeding boob? Say no to discrimination against breastfeeding,” commented one online user.

“Shame on them!” said another online user

Photo: Kidstock
Photo: Kidstock

“So they told you what? To cover your baby while breastfeeding? Na wewe ukila pia wafaa ujifunike ama?” asked one online user.

“wazituletee uzungu. Here in Southern Kenya we breastfeed our babies wherever. Shame on them,” commented another online user.

“The same (restaurant) that sold a pathetic sausage today to their customer? Shame on them someone should come up with a place for nursing babies in town,” wrote one online user.

“Babies from 9months onwards uncover themselves when breastfeeding and they are so curious they will even stop in the middle to stare at something then continue feeding… That was so uncouth of them,” said another online user.

“The woman breast has become an object of sex such that people now choose to scorn women who use them for their real purpose,” commented another online user.

“Are they men or women waiters? What don’t they understand about babies and breastfeeding? Very unfair,” wrote another online user.

“So sorry for this. They ought to table an apology,” said one online user.

Source: allafrica.com

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