Do Not Discharge, Withdraw Gender Based Violence Cases – Top Prosecutor Warns

By Owen Khamula

Director of Public Prosecutions, Mary Kachale, has warned prosecuting agencies against discharging gender-based violence cases, saying even complainants have no powers to withdraw such cases.

Speaking in Lilongwe, Kachale said gender-based violence cases are criminal therefore they are between the state and the suspects.


“Even the victims, who are the complainants, should not come to you and say that they are withdrawing the case against their husbands because the case is not between them and the suspects, who are the husbands. The case is between the State and the suspects, the complainants are just witnesses,” said Kachale.

She was speaking to prosecution officers from prosecution agencies, including the police from the central region.

 Kachale said the prosecution officers should always aim to protect the welfare of gender-based victims even by providing them with necessary health care services.

“We want the society to be healthy, we want the society to be well,” said Kachale.

Gender-based violence cases have drastically reduced in the country following the criminalization of the violence some years ago.


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