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Bra Shopping 101

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Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

Bras are one of the hardest clothing item to buy despite the fact that it is small.

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Women buy the wrong bra most times because they probably haven’t taken the time to have a proper bra fitting or they have but then get to the market and get lost in the many options in the market. It is important that every woman makes a conscious effort to focus on fitting and not how pretty the bra looks. Of course, that is also important but it should not take precedence over how good it fits. Do not obsess about the size on the tag.  If the bra fits well and makes you feel great, that’s what matters. Here is the list of what to consider before you venture into the store:

  1. Know your bra size

When brashopping, go to a store that has staff who can measure you properly. It is important to measure all the time because our body changes regularly and so do our breasts.

  1. Know your body type


Remember that your overall body shape will also determine the type of bra that will suit you best. Again, check with an expert in the store, before you buy.

  1. Check the fit without clothes on


A loose fit is never an option. Do not be deceived into thinking this is what’s best. You bra must be snug. As a guide, a well fitted bra will be tight enough, so that you can only fit two fingers under the band.

  1. Check the fit with clothes on
Serena Williams at Milan Fashion Week in September. Photo: Jacopo Raule via Getty Images
Serena Williams at Milan Fashion Week in September. Photo: Jacopo Raule via Getty Images

To do this properly, wear a not so tight fitting top that doesn’t have a very high collar. It should also hold your breasts in the correct position. If the bra fits you well, then your breasts should be positioned in such a way that the middle of your bust is positioned halfway between your elbows and your shoulders.

  1. Check fit while moving around

Raise your arms above your head, twist to the left, twist to the right and bend over at the waist. The bra should stay put while doing all of these.

  1. Check for transparency


It is important to check for how transparent a bra is in order to determine if it will serve your purpose for buying it

  1. Room To Stretch

Many bras will stretch over time. Choose a bra that fits you well on the widest possible fastening and then you will be able to tighten it, as the material stretches.

Remember to wash according to label instructions and always air dry it. Your band should be snug and anchored low in the back, underwires should rest behind all of your breast tissue and the center front shoulder rest against the chest wall, providing separation.

That’s it for the week. Send your designs and fashion items on sale to to feature on this month’s must have list.

Until next week, stay glam.



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  1. I am used to just buying anything and wearing as long as I like it. Now, I know what to look out for. Thanks for educating us on this.

  2. Hi, how do we prevent bras from having negative effect on one’s body. There are times some bras give red marks, becomes itchy. How do we prevent that?

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