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Inmates Clean Up Hospital To Celebrate Women’s Day In Kenya

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Monday, March 12th, 2018
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At least 40 inmates and Kenya Prisons Service officers from Nakuru Women GK Prison on Wednesday evening took part in cleaning the Nakuru Level Five Hospital as part of giving back to the society.

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The officer in charge of the prison, Ms Emily Momanyi, said service to the community was a way of sharing with the needy in the hospitals ahead of the Thursday International Women’s Day.

She noted that the hospital was set to celebrate the International Women’s Day in a special way – emphasising on empowering women.

“Most of the time, well-wishers visit prisoners to show love and give services but we realised that we can also share what we have which is offering services,” she said.


 Ms Momanyi noted that although some of the women ended up in the prison, a bigger percentage of the inmates committed crimes triggered by poor upbringing.

She added that the women come in having committed various offences and after days of interaction, they realise that most of them did not have a mother figure to guide them as they grew up.

“Some of the women ended up in the prison due to lack of empowerment. If you empower one woman you have a whole generation covered,” she noted.

She also noted that woman go through a lot of challenges and the environment they grow in models whom they become in future.

“Some go through a lot of challenges because a woman suffers a lot if she is born in a family that exposes her to a careless lifestyle like crime and drugs and most of them got into the situations unwillingly,” she said.

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