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Why Exercise Makes Us Happy

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Tuesday, March 6th, 2018
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Ah, mindfulness! It’s a term that’s frequently thrown around these days—but what does it mean? In short, it’s about being aware of yourself and your own happiness; taking time out to enjoy things while being careful not to “sweat the small stuff.”

The first few months of the year can be tough, can’t they? Cold, dark days and a post-holidays bank account can make you feel more than a little stressed. So what better time than now to practice the art of mindfulness? Start with exercising at least 20 minutes per day. It’s true, exercise really does make us happy. And as much as you might not feel up to it, hit that gym and work up a sweat and an appetite. Then you can head home for your favorite evening meal or sit down with a good read.

To learn more about why exercise makes us happy, check out the infographic below, grab your favorite gym clothes and get going.

Exercise Infograph

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