Neutrals Are Great But Try These Colours

By Vivian U

When it comes to colours, eight out of ten times people like to play safe. Colours like black, grey, white, brown and many other neutrals are the everyday go-to’s. This is because these colours go with virtually any other colour. It saves one ample time when trying to match outfits because everything you have goes with everything. Another reason people like to play safe is because they do not have to worry about catering to a colour that is ‘expensive to cater to’.

By expensive, I mean going out of one’s way to get items to match that colour as opposed to just wearing whatever you have with it. It can be money consuming. Do not get me wrong, neutrals are great, they are inoffensive, they match with all colours and they are appropriate for almost every event. But they can be super boring sometimes.

This is why a little colour won’t hurt. And even at that, when people try to introduce a bit of colour, they still play safe and go for colours like blue. It is okay to be loud on some days and stand out. If you want to introduce some colour into your wardrobe, you can try these;


What are the odds that if you walk out on the street right now, you’ll see a single orange clothing? Orange is not an everyday colour, but it will give your wardrobe that light it needs. It goes well with cyan, blue, lilac, violet, green, white and black. Check out the attire below:



Lime green is a colour that has a lot of haters, but it is very beautiful when worn right. It looks great when paired with blues, yellow, black, gray, white and other shades of green. You can try neon lime green as well, it is great too.





Pink is seen as too girlish and childish. But that is totally wrong. Pink can be worn by all genders. It has a calming effect, it is warm and it is the colour of joy and happiness. You should introduce it into your wardrobe if you are trying to brighten things up. It goes well with brown, mint green, turquoise, olive, light blue.

pink pink plus skirt

That is it for this week. Remember that you can send pictures of your personal designs or clothing and accessories that you sell to be featured next week as one of the must haves of the month.

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