Dry January? Ball On A Budget

By Vivian U

It is a popular notion that January is a month that most people greet with a dearth of finances. After the festivities of december, from the myriad of entertainment shows in Lagos to the elaborate weddings and show off attempts in the east by people from Lagos visiting their hometowns, an emaciated pocket is inevitable.
It’s a new year and we already know what to do to successfully revamp our look ( see last week’s post http://abovewhispers.com/2018/01/05/new-year-new-wardrobe) , but how does one do this when cash is not ones friend at the moment? The truth is, you do not have to break the bank to look good. If you play your cards right, chances are you will look really great even with a lean account balance.
The first thing you will have to do is to draw up a scale of preference for your wardrobe needs. Scale of preference? Economics? Remember? For those who have forgotten, it is a list that shows your needs in their order of importance.
Your wardrobe needs are those items that your wardrobe cannot do without if it really is in dire need of a makeover. These needs rank from urgently needed to not so urgent (scale of preference again). Being at the not so urgent part of the list doesn’t mean it is not important, it just means that your wardrobe can do without it for a couple of months. But be careful not to stretch it past a couple of months else, you won’t get that all round look you need.
Next thing to do after drawing up a scale of preference, is to compare it with the amount of money you are willing to spend at the time. For example, if X, Y and Z items are at the urgently needed part of the list and they in total cost N5, but what you are willing to spend at the time is N4, what you have to do is either forfeit an item or find somewhere you can get all three items cheaper. This effectively controls your spending. Do not be tempted to spend more than you have promised yourself, you will regret it. Be sure to think with your head at all times.
This leads us to the next thing you have to do, which is to find stores within your pay grade. There are plenty stores with plenty beautiful and amazing pieces, but what distinguishes them are the price tags and the labels. When the goal is to ball on a tight budget, it is important to note that the timeliness, uniqueness and how well the clothing looks on you, all take precedence over who the name of the designer is.
Go to the 3K, 5k and 7k shops and get what you need. Feel free to go thrifting as well. Be on the lookout for uncommon and timeless pieces that will look great on you. While thrifting however, be careful not to pick clothes that look worn out in a bid to save more. You want to ball, not look like the trash can styled you.
So that’s it people. Don’t let January and a lean pocket be your excuse. Start giving your wardrobe a facelift, one naira at a time.
Until next week, stay glam!
Source: Above Whispers

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