Women Control Over Land Improves Food Security In Karonga

By Leonard Masauli

 Women in Karonga have hailed Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) for ensuring that women have access and control over land, a development they say has enhanced food security in their homes.


Speaking recently on the sidelines of training for 25 lead facilitators, one participant, Leah Mubisa, said through EAM’s Right to Food Project, households acquire enough food because women are now able to farm on their own piece of land.

Mubisa said previously, women had no access to land and priority for whatever they cultivated with their husbands was selling, a malpractice that led to persistent food shortage in homes.

She added that through the Right to Food Project, the women have learnt new farming technologies such as resilient agriculture, to suit the current climatic changes.

 Right to Food Project Officer, Tunsume Mweyibasa, said right to food is an advocacy project which focuses on challenges affecting the right to food and it gives a platform for people in the community to discuss problems and engage duty bearers where possible for redress.

Mweyibasa said through the project intervention, about 22 women in Chisi and Mwenilondo areas now have access and control over land.

“They grow and produce their own crops in that their livelihoods have improved,” she said.

The three-year project is funded by Danish Church Aid to the tune of K121.6 million.

Source: allafrica.com

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