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The Myths About Independent Women

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Friday, December 1st, 2017
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An independent woman knows what she feels, says what she really believes, and lives true to her own values. She owns her own power and looks out for herself. She is independent at all levels – she can make her own money, follow her own path, and be her own best friend.

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Independent women can be quite the catch when it comes to dating. They’re fun, intelligent, takes care of themselves and are not needy. Also, an independent woman can help you grow as a person, has enough self-esteem to do her own thing and also give you space to do yours.

But as an independent woman, sometimes, dating can be quite the struggle. If you’re strong and independent, why would you need a man? Does this sound familiar: “I don’t need a guy to do anything for me”?

And when it seems like you’re just not meeting the right people Miss Independent, yes you, you might come to the conclusion that men are just afraid or can’t handle someone as independent as your are.

 Though that may be true sometimes, you should also ask yourself how approachable you are to men in the first place. Chances are, if you’re unapproachable to men, you’re most likely also just as unapproachable to women.
Asking for help or showing a little bit of vulnerability sometimes does not make you any less independent. In fact, it shows that you’re humble enough to admit that you need other people.

Dear Miss Independent, it’s time to flip the game around. Instead of thinking that you don’t need anyone to help you, try this: I can do it myself, but it’s a lot more fun when someone else does it for me. Right?!

Needing someone doesn’t mean you’ll be hopeless without them. Allow yourself to be vulnerable knowing that you’re strong enough to get out of it. Give relinquishing excessive independence in a relationship a try!

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