MAKING IT BETTER: A Time For Celebration!

Dear beloved, much appreciated Above Whispers readers, this has indeed been a joyous fortnight for me for a few reasons. I start with the very successful launch of our very own Erelu Olabisi Adeleye-Fayemi’s book Above Whispers, which I had the good fortune to be a part of. The icing on the cake was meeting some of our delightful readers who took the time to be present and bring that wonderful energy they share right here to add to an already amazing atmosphere; that was amazing. Your excitement, love and appreciation was felt by us all and we thank you for being there. It is our prayer that this is just the beginning of many more celebrations to come. It’s always nice to put faces to people’s voices or written words, and you were all I expected and more. We are on a journey together and we value your support and encourage you to bring friends, family and acquaintances on board to share in what you have already identified as something special that Above Whispers offers you. Thank you to the young man who encouraged me to publish more rants. I’m not sure you should encourage me but I guarantee there will be more! I also had the exquisite pleasure of meeting one of our very capable young, vibrant people behind the scenes that contribute in making everything look seamless on this website. I speak of Funmi Ajala. Thank you for your energy, determination and hard work. The other reasons for my joy I have to keep under wraps for the time being but all will unfold in due course.

Some time ago we invited readers to send in questions, stories, experiences about mental health issues. This could be in the form of comments or if you prefer to communicate in private to me, that is also welcome. I am putting this invitation out again as a way to keep the conversation on this topic going and to raise further awareness. There is no right or wrong question to ask and every question is relevant someone. I look forward to hearing from you. Also please let us know if there are some specific topics or areas you would like us to cover.

I am taking some liberties here and sharing with you below just a few of my favourite vignettes from Loud Whispers. Enjoy!


Post script: For every woman who suffers abuse, neglect and discrimination, there are four people in a position to assist her. One can hold her hand. One can dry her tears. One can pay her rent. One can pay her fees or that of her children. Be one of those four. For every woman whose dreams are shattered, we can support five more to fulfil their destiny. Every single day, you have an opportunity to help a vulnerable person. Do whatever you can. No one knows tomorrow.


  • Try to live as healthily as possible
  • Give freely and often
  • Pick your battles and battle ground carefully
  • Look after your elderly relatives
  • Invest in the things that matter
  • Be a good citizen
  • Learn something new
  • Live in this century, not two centuries ago
  • Call your friends
  • Cultivate good manners
  • Laugh
  • Be respectful
  • Be thankful


We all know about the life-long debt we owe. We pray, spend money, get lucky, treat and tip toe around it throughout our lives. Yet the debt collector is very patient, knowing that one day the inevitable will happen. The arrival of death triggers reactions relative to the person concerned. Some deaths cause profound suffering and misery………

  • For the young people reading this, don’t be afraid. By the special grace of God, you will live a very long life. Sudden death will never be your portion.
  • When you hear the news of someone’s death, please don’t call the bereaved directly to ‘confirm’. It is very insensitive. There are other places you can confirm.
  • If you visit a household where there has been a death, please don’t go there caterwauling more than the bereaved, don’t agitate them further.
  • There is a Yoruba proverb that says the death that takes away your peers is sending you a message. This means if you find yourself attending funerals of people close to your health more seriously and take steps to outing your house in order.
  • If you are over 40, you should have a Will. Don’t be superstitious and say having a Will means you are inviting death. Death does not work on an invitation basis; it works on a time-table only God knows.

VALAR MORGHULIS: Lessons from Game of Thrones

  • Appearances can be deceptive
  • There is usually more than one narrative
  • Visionaries have always paid a price
  • You reap what you sow
  • Women have always had problems
  • In the fight for power, fairytale endings are….fairy tales.
  • There have always been crazy people with fanatical religious beliefs
  • No condition is permanent
  • Those who lust after power and glory usually end up with neither
  • Never lose sight of the real enemy

‘Valar Morghulis’ (All men must die)

‘Valar Dohaeris’ (All men must serve)


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9 Responses to MAKING IT BETTER: A Time For Celebration!

  1. Olakunle Olajide November 17, 2017 at 3:31 pm

    Thank you for the insights shared on the book ma’am. Almost done reading and will surely give my own little review.
    It was nice meeting you at LABAF ma’am and i am anticipating your rants. Please pardon me for asking. Are you truly 60? You really look so so so young. Do have a great weekend.

  2. Perpetua Dandeson November 18, 2017 at 11:24 pm

    No condition is permanent

  3. Femi Diipo November 20, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    The truth is that we’ve been blessed on this platform with a lot of wonderful, exciting and inspiring articles through Loud whisper, reading over these summaries is making me long to get a hold of the book and read over and over again those great thoughts. Thank you ma’am for this.
    On the mental health issues, I must confess I wouldn’t have known there’s anything about bipolar people if not for foreign movies and books. Are there not bipolar people in Nigeria, and is there any form of sensitization towards it in this country

  4. Lola Adeoye November 21, 2017 at 1:48 pm

    Wow. I learnt the book is at Patabah, I have to go and get a hold of it.

  5. Victoria E November 21, 2017 at 1:54 pm

    I wished I made it to Labaf that day, I would have met you but i didn’t miss the radio discussion, I followed live on instagram. You looked so graceful. Thank you for helping us to better and God bless this platform. I have a copy of Loud Whispers already and I must say I still can’t get off the euphoria that Erelu analysed Game of Thrones. That, Beat me silly!

  6. Eric Onuoha November 21, 2017 at 3:19 pm

    Inspiring articles. They are filled with lessons to learn. I would say let’s do the best we can in life.

  7. folami November 22, 2017 at 12:03 pm

    Those who lust after power and glory usually end up with neither! That’s the case of someone I know right now… May God make us better. Thank You ma.

  8. Gloria Ogunbadejo November 23, 2017 at 4:01 pm

    Great Comments by all!

    Young Olakunle, thank you for your kind comments and I dare say your generous observation. Yes, aburo I have clocked six decades on this wonderful earth. Hoping for a few more innings

    Love and Blessings to all
    Keep reading your favourite website ..ABOVE WHISPERS!

  9. Gloria Ogunbadejo November 24, 2017 at 9:44 am

    Femi Diipo thank you for your important question. Yes, there are definitely people who are Bipolar in Nigeria. This is a complex condition and it varies in its severity. I believe one of the stories in Loud whispers a few weeks ago alluded to a lady who might have had that condition. It is a condition in which a person has extreme highs in which they may indulge in uncontrollable and excessive spending, social activity and generally unregulated behaviours. Then their mood suddenly is equally and extremely deflated and they may enter into a deep depression.
    I can only hope that the more we enter into these conversations we can address a lot more of these conditions so the lives of those affected can be improved


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