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Rant Of The Day – Mr Husband

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Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

Welcome to the rant column

I know that marriage/relationship is a good thing. It’s good to have someone you love and trust your entirety on but something must be taken seriously right here especially in this part of the world. I have realised that most men become so lazy in marriage.

They practically become babies just because there’s a woman there. The things they used to do before they got married suddenly becomes alien to them. Ask why? They will say, since I have a wife, why should I stress myself? Reallyyyyyyy?

Mr husband, she is not a maid o. You both are helping yourselves, there is no rule that says, the woman should come in and work like there is no tomorrow for her. If she is working and taking care of the house, you should assist her in doing the chores. You should take care of the house together.

Excuse me, before she came in, weren’t you eating, sweeping or cleaning your house so why the excuse for your lackadaisical attitude? You should manage the home together. This is not a one man journey.

man duty

Sister, define it now before marriage. It’s annoying and inhumane when the woman runs from work, feeds the children, cooks the food, sweeps the house and then man watches TV and crosses his legs. Jeeeezzzzz! Let me just keep shut!  But, aunty, you better put your terms and conditions in Black and White Now!



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  1. @lukman, but it is easy for the man to get the woman laid yeah? Mtsew! This article nails it. You better let him know before you turn to ‘anywork’.

  2. The one that pisses me off the most is when their wife is sweating profusely in the kitchen and they are playing video game. # hogwash #

  3. Both husbands and wives are supposed to do the house shores together especially when the wife is not a full house wife. Men should stop been chauvinistic and face reality!

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