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Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.{Hebrews 11:1}. This we know and how do we act. Sharon played a very vital role in church as the Choir Coordinator. She was also the one in charge of teenage outreaches. A remarkable lady she was and everyone loved her. Sharon is the example of a woman who works in the vineyard with the whole of her heart but Sharon has something she couldn’t tell anyone. She had an ailing mother.

A woman who was mentally ill and has been in the hospital for over 2 Years now. She’s been praying and asking the lord to touch her mum.

No one knew what she was going through because her countenance and zeal didn’t permit any deep scrutiny. One day, as she was in service, the pastor said, You cannot be sincerely involved in the business of God and God won’t be ready to attend to your affairs. Like a sharp sword, it cut through the veins of Sharon. After the service, she went on her knees and prayed violently.  She prayed and got so relieved in her spirit for her mum.


Oh, the assurance that she will leave whole the next day. She visited the hospital, prayed for her mum but nothing happened. She kept going for another 7 months! Sharon became so discouraged. She didn’t want to pray again, she didn’t want to worship again. She didn’t even understand the concept of Faith and ‘Faithing’ It. She felt that ailment was too much for God to touch.

Then, Sharon’s presence in church wasn’t as frequent as it used to be. She started struggling with those things she did at ease and questioned every prayer she prayed. She didn’t look like she questioned them, when you see her praying you would be amazed but Sharon knew those prayers were baseless. She had nothing in them.

Then, One day, she had a dream.  Sharon was in church sitting on the altar facing a crowd of mentally sickened people. They were looking at her, some were screaming and shouting and some were eating comfortably. Then, one woman rose up and said to Sharon, just say something to me and I will be healed. Join your faith with mine. Sharon did and it happened and about ten people joined again and they were all healed but Sharon’s mum didn’t stand up.

Sharon got so mad and went to her. Why didn’t you stand up? Her mum said, why didn’t those words work for me like that even if I didn’t stand up? Can’t the power just touch me? Sharon was about to speak when she woke up from sleep. Something happened to her spirit. She knew that Faith is the substance…

The action that must mix with the particular demand. Something must be proportional to what is being asked. This isn’t about me or God, it’s about my mum getting ready to leave that Place! That’s it! With this understanding she was prepared to see her mum the next day….

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