Women, Youths In Slums To Get Funding Priority

By Jemimah Mueni

 Women and the youth in informal settlements will be given the first priority in subsequent Youth Enterprise Development Fund disbursements.

A woman carries a basin full of ore to be washed at one of the gold mining sites in Macalder, Migori county, western Kenya, 29 February 2016.
The Chairperson of the Fund, Ronald Osumba, while speaking at a forum to create awareness alongside other stakeholders in both private and public sector on Tuesday said that the move will address high youth and women unemployment rates in the informal settlements.

“If in this intervention we could put up industries in informal settlements to produce their own products but for this to be a possibility first we have to empower these people,” said Osumba.

He said that youth unemployment in Kenya is currently estimated at 17 per cent adding that the number continues to grow since the economy is unable to generate enough employment to meet the demands of the young people entering the job market every year.

Osumba said that consultations are ongoing with other stake holders to train and invest in young people adding that it is important to also include them in community projects.

Fadhila Abdala who has a recording studio in Kibra – an initiative he says is aimed at promoting young talent – said that if such funds would be made accessible cases of violence and crime would reduce.

“Most of the youths have turned to criminal activities and violence due to lack of jobs and idleness that’s why they are easily lured to participate in civil disobedience and destroy property,” said Fadhila.

Source: allafrica.com

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