Ethiopian Federation Encouraging Women Entrepreneurs

By Yohanes Jemaneh


Ethiopian Women Federation is backing women entrepreneurs to expand job opportunities and play due role in nation’s economic growth.

Federation Planning, Monitoring and Report Preparation Expert Genet Seyoum tells The Ethiopian Herald that the federation has been working to support women through facilitating training, finance and creating job opportunity.

Various training programs have been given to empower women on agri-business, natural resource conservation, animal breeding and bee keeping and basin development among others, she says.

This fiscal year, the federation has created about 307, 620 jobs in the areas of in agri-business, manufacturing, construction and service sectors.

It has also built market shed in Addis Ababa at a cost of 12 million birr with capacity of accommodating about 150 women and plans to expand it across the country, Genet says.

On the other hand the federation has helped 1,413,598 women to save some 467, 348, 194 birr, she says.

Addis Ababa Women Federation President Almaz Abrha for her part notes the federation is playing its due role through enabling women entrepreneurs to empower themselves and create jobs to others.

This year, the federation has created 21,676 jobs in various fields including transport, business and services, she says.

The federation disbursed 400,000 birr credit to women who are engaged in small and micro unions. It is has also given adult education course to 20,000 members.


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