How To Master The Art Of Giving To Pay Dividends

By John Ruhlin

Creating strong relationships in business is vital to keeping projects alive, and it can sometimes be tough. But growing a network can also be as easy as a gesture of goodwill.

Find that hard to believe? WeWork recently launched its Creator Awards, a program committed to giving $20 million in grants and cash prizes to startups at various levels.


Entrepreneurs and small business owners across the globe are filling out applications, and just for entering, they’ll receive a free year of WeWork’s We Membership.

Of course, these awards and memberships are a way for WeWork to draw new customers to the company, but there’s something to be said for marketing via goodwill.

Entrepreneurs of every kind can use gestures of goodwill to build or strengthen their relationships with important contacts. And this strategy is not just for businesses that can afford to give away a year of service for free; other means exist for making gifting work for your organization, regardless of its size or budget.

Building Relationships Through Giving

It’s true: Many businesses that come to mind when one thinks of “giving back” are larger or offer huge benefits. Take Marketplace One’s Leadership X, for example: Brothers Bret and Brad Edson founded the organization after they sold their previous company and decided to host an event that would encourage and support the next generation of Christian leaders.


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