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Inspired By Airtel – Orphans In Nigeria

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Friday, July 7th, 2017

Azeez Rotimi Airtel Episode 3

When you walk through the streets of Lagos you will find lots of children roaming around and about the streets with no place to put their heads. Sometimes, you pursue them off, when they ask for money you send them away to meet their parents. Truthfully, most of them don’t have parents.They have nowhere to be and that 10naira is a lifesaver for them.

Just a few of them see a beep of hope. They are forced to do anything to do something to keep them abreast with the society that’s why they become influenced by the bad eggs in the society. They are forced to steal, sometimes kill to keep body, soul and spirit together. Did you see the video of the little boy who became a thug on the streets of Lagos because he had no shelter, food to live as a normal human being.

They are children and should be catered for but unfortunately, we see them, turn blind eyes and the spirit of neighbourhood has since be left off. These children are the ones that clean your windscreen, beg you for food and hold your clothes just to survive. We need to wake up and take action.

In this airtel’s story, Rotimi Azeez is one of such children but hope beamed on him as he was rescued by the Street Child Care and Welfare initiative and furthered catered for by airtel. We can also be a part of this social change. We can stand up and make sure than over 250,000 thousand childless children in Lagos and in Nigeria have a place called home and see a bright future.

Enjoy the story and please kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

Let’s know what can be done to help these children

How do we take part in being a voice for change?

9 Responses

  1. I just couldn’t hold back the tears after watching it. Seriously, like the writeup above, I snub these children but after seeing this I will at least give them something when they ask…
    This is such a heart shaking story. God bless Airtel

  2. This is so heart-breaking. Why bring a child when you know you cannot get them well trained and catered for. This is so emotional, God bless street child initiative and Airtel for taking this light up.
    I think we need more organisations to take this up and getting sensitised on sites like this, makes us know what we should do. For instance, my mentality has changed.

  3. I will never, ever again pursue these children when I see them. Never again! I feel so bad right now because really, we see them everyday and just turn a blind eye.

  4. How I can we get in touch with street child care initiative, like doing a volunteer work and all that. This story is very emotional and I am sure so many people feel so guilty right now

  5. Wow.
    I cried all through.
    Please how can we support those doing such, maybe donating clothes and gift items to them. This will go a long way I believe.

  6. Jeeez! see his legs, They sleep anyway they see…
    Oh lord, can we just have a home in every urban area for these children? Can we just stop making babies if we know we cannot cater for them?
    Can we?
    They ride through long trucks just to get them to where they are going to? Wow! I am shocked mehn!

  7. Some are orphans
    Some are destitutes
    But they are children…
    Please can we have a donation box for them?
    Is there an avenue to reach out or create more platforms?
    I appreciate what Airtel is doing and I am happy that Abovewhispers is a part of this platform.

  8. Oh my!! This is just too emotional. We can only try to do the best we can for this kids. Great job from Airtel i must say, i hope other organizations can learn from this.

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