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Rant Of The Day – Borrow To Shine

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Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

Welcome to the rant column

On this day, I want to kindly appeal to some people who love big things, nice and expensive things that they cannot afford yet but desire to have them compulsorily. There are things that one can be desperate about not material wants, I called them wants because really, you can do without them.

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I read a story some weeks back about a lady that ran into a 500hundred thousand naira debt just because she wanted to buy hair, bags and shoes! How ridiculous but these things happen. Even some men do the same trying to flaunt big when you are actually small. It’s degrading.

Why don’t you be Big, rich genuinely and stop faking the life. The most interesting thing is, the people you want to impress don’t even care one bit about you.

So, why are you stressing yourself.? If you cannot afford a car now, leave it! Don’t run into debts. If you cannot afford an expensive weave now, Leave it use your natural hair. Life is that simple and if you want the complicated side of life for yourself?

Candid advice: Don’t land in Jail.

4 Responses

  1. Good advise because some people have actually ended up in jail all because they want to belong.

  2. I call it borrow pose, because some people don’t have anything but yet they claim they have it all after borrowing from friends and relatives.

  3. What I need to know is the aspect of people faking who they are not all in the name of wanting to belong. Last month two ladies got into an argument, and the way they both reacted to that little riff was very appalling. The first one asked the other one to give back her bag or else she will disgrace her, while the second lady said she should not forget the fact that she hasn’t returned the shoe she lent her. Lobatan!

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