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Is Your Partner Your #1 Fan?

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Wednesday, July 5th, 2017
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Portra via Getty Images
Portra via Getty Images

One of the most important goals you can strive for in business is to understand, anticipate and consistently fulfill the deepest needs of your clients. Because the more value you are able to add to your customer, the more success you will have. We call this creating a “raving fan customer,” and it’s one of Tony’s 7 Forces of Business Mastery. But did you know this principle can also be used to better your relationship?

By focusing on creating a raving fan culture at home, you can put yourself into the positive, loving and relationship-focused mindset that is necessary to build a strong, committed, secure partnership. This is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your partner — and to yourself. Because your partner will in turn reciprocate, and the relationship will enter a positive cycle that allows your bond to strengthen and grow.

1. Exceed expectations

It’s easy to get lazy in a relationship, to grow complacent and merely meet the minimum requirements of being a “good partner.” But creating a raving fan culture at home means always giving more than your partner would expect. Whenever there is a chance to go the extra mile, surprise and delight your partner, they will reciprocate in kind with loyalty and adoration.

2. Recognize your partners’ needs

Recognizing and meeting your partners’ emotional needs fosters a sense of intimacy, trust and a feeling of true love. Make it a point to discover what your partners’ love language is. Ask her what she needs in her life to feel loved. Ask him what he needs you to do, or to say. Even the attempt of having this conversation will help you start to better understand your partner’s inner world. And this type of compassion and caring can only help your partner feel more safe and more secure in the relationship.

3. Reward your partner

Being in a serious relationship with someone doesn’t mean you get to stop dating them. Planning dates for your partner or even surprising him or her will help you keep the spark and excitement alive. And so will verbalizing your appreciation for having your partner in your life. Let your partner know that you like having her around. Tell your partner how lucky you feel to be with him. Share with her what she brings to your life. Compliment him, notice her, let your partner know that he is a priority for you. Your partner deserves to be your number one priority and that includes receiving personalized communication.

4. Constantly be evolving

Change is inevitable, and all too often, It can lead to disagreements and arguments. This is especially true when people feel unheard, disrespected and not acknowledged. Different stages in life mean different emotional needs. This is why you must always be striving to improve yourself and find how to effectively meet your partners’ needs (and wants) in unique and powerful ways.

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