Nchemba Warns NGOs Against Campaigning For Pregnant School Girls

By Sharon Sauwa

 The Minister for Home Affairs, Mr Mwigulu Nchemba, has warned Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) against campaigning for the rights of children that any student, who is made pregnant should return to school.


The minister has wanted such NGOs to immediately stop that campaign, threatening to deregister them if they continued with the campaign.

The Cabinet minister has made the statement today when representing the Prime Minister, Kassim Majaliwa, in a fund-raising drive for the Kisasa Parish in Dodoma Region.

He said the government would neither seek advice nor opinions because the recent statement given by President John Magufuli was the government’s directives.

He said the government had given the right to every child to be provided with free education, explaining that any student failing to seize that opportunity should not find an excuse.

“The president has directed that education should now be provided freely. No tuition fees as anyone deciding to do away with that opportunity should neither find an excuse nor blame the government, ” said the minister.


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