‘Inspired by Airtel: You Too Can Make A Difference

Going by what our present realities in Nigeria of today, there is a tendency for every one of us to get carried away by out own immediate problems without realising how much power we have as individuals to make things better in our environment. Most of us have become preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of our lives and have only mastered the art of complaining and nagging about our incapacitated government or the endless socio-economic problems we face as a nation. We have allowed ourselves to become a zombie, unable to muster compassion and have totally outsourced our individual ability to effect change and our role as responsible citizens to one another.
The story of Esther in the second epidode of Airtel touching lives season 3 epitomises the saying that we ‘rise by lifting others’. A survival of sexual abuse as a child who refused to be hindered by her predicament but rather made it a driving force for her outreach against child abuse.
Barely able to meet her personally needs on a meagre income but nevertheless prioritising resources for her outreach provding welfare and psycho-social services for abandoned children. Esther is evidence that Nigeria still has a soul and her story is a challenge to other Nigerians, particularly those who are in better financial and social standing.
Individually, we must re-assess our obsession with our narrow interest, and most importantly realise that the untimate purpose of our lives is to contribute in some way to making things better in our society.
Esther Aniagwu

Another importang angle to Esther’s story is how so many  children will grow up and be able to tell their own story through being a beneficiary of her outreach as a child rights brigade. In her own little way, Esther is raising a generation of children whose narratives have been  changed from victims of domestic and sexual abuse to survivals of abuse. It is almost impossible not to be moved to tears seeing the bond and compassion between Esther and on of her foster children (Blessing).

The confidence and aspirations of Blessing in this video tells it all about how far she has come from being a bereaved and abandoned child to a young girl bustling with ambition.
The tears down her cheeks, hope in her eyes, gratefulness on her lips, and steadiness of her feet shows just how much of a difference has being made in her life.
As Nigerian, and like Airtel, we must do more than belong: we must participate. We must do more than care: we must help. We must do more than beleive: We must practice. We must be do more than be fair: We must be kind. We must do more than forgive: We must forget. We must do more than talk: We must make a difference.
This story is a must watch!

Source: http://airteltouchinglives.com

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