Inspired by Airtel: At What Point Do We Give Up?


In the course of our life time, we all get to have our fair share of the good the bad and ugly, but at what point do we reach our breaking-point. We go about our daily lives with the hope that no matter how far life’s stretches us, we remain resolute to only bend and not break.

Coming across the story of the Aina Family puts to question whatever hope the most hopeful of us may have and I can’t help but ask, at what point do we reach our breaking point.

It raises questions about the general safety of our homes and the sharp domestic practices we have become accustomed to with grave consequences. This is against the backdrop of living in a country without functional emergency services where citizens are allowed to literally roast to the awe of helpless bystanders. One wonders if indeed the government exist for the people or it is people that exist for the government.

In Nigeria’s Parlance, we are a people who believe in the   unwavering will of God from which we interpret that whatever happens to mankind had been pre-ordained. So perhaps, let us accept that the tragedy that has befallen this family was unavertable and a trail of their faith. What then happened to the role of government to create social safety net to cushion the effect of the calamity that life unequally bestows on us? Shouldn’t there be a welfare fund /Indigent Fund to reduce the impact of life shattering tribulations.

The story of this family calls for sober reflections on what the role of government should be. It seems the structures of our traditional community system and the inherent camaraderie in our culture is all we have really got. It seems the disempowerment of our small monarchy system for large democratic state have not really yielded dividend for the average citizen.

I have a few questions for you after you watched this clip:

1)      What would have been the faith of the survivals without the timely interventions of the neighbours?

2)      What would have become of this family without the magnanimity of Airtel?

3)      How many more families have experienced or are experiencing similar situation and do not have the opportunity or the platform that Airtel Touching lives offer?

4)      How safe is the environment you call home?

5)      If you were to be in their shoes, do you think you can muster the strength of Mrs. Aina?


While we must not fail to commend Airtel for this laudable initiative that is torching the lives of everyday people, we must not fail to address the questions that the stories throw up….We must hold ourselves and the government accountable……Let us do more!

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4 Responses to Inspired by Airtel: At What Point Do We Give Up?

  1. Femi Diipo May 28, 2017 at 9:13 pm

    Yeah… Airtel effort here is quite commendable, yet one can not fail to note the pathetic situation of things generally in this country. A lot really has to change

  2. Dom Dom May 28, 2017 at 9:16 pm

    This is quite touching. Oh my! There’s still a lot that need to be done in this country

  3. Oluwatosino May 28, 2017 at 9:58 pm

    Waoh…..this is a sad and terrible experience. So emotional. May God comfort the Aina’s family and heal them on every side. Welldone Airtel for helping the Aina’s. God bless Airtel ijn.

  4. Samuel May 29, 2017 at 12:28 am

    Wow!!This is really inspiring. Great hoba
    …Thumbs up to airtel.


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