Sarah Silverman To Trump: Show Us Your Taxes, You Emotional Child

By Mary Papenfuss


As tens of thousands of protesters demonstrated across the U.S. on Saturday to pressure President Donald Trump to finally release his tax returns, few presented the issue more pointedly than comedian Sarah Silverman.

“Show us your fucking taxes, you emotional child,” she challenged in a speech in New York City.

The actress was one of a multitude of celebrities and politicians who spoke at major Tax March rallies in New York and Washington, D.C. Demonstrations were also held in as many as 100 other cities.

“When you love your country, you have to speak out and speak up,” Silverman said earlier to an MSNBC reporter. “It’s time to fight for our country. That’s what I intend to do. The only way to really penetrate this administration is to take to the streets — and to be relentless.”

Trump vowed during his campaign that he would eventually release his returns, as presidential candidates and presidents have for decades. But in January, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said he would never release his returns because his election proved that “people didn’t care” about it.

The many people who do care argue that Americans particularly need such information from him because of the serious conflict-of-interest concerns over his continued ownership of the Trump businesses and their debts to foreign banks.



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