11 Things You Should Tell Yourself Everyday To Boost Your Self-Esteem

By Shaelynn Miller


You wake up in the morning, rub your sleepy eyes and look in the mirror. You’ve been awake one minute and negative thoughts are already flowing through your mind. Maybe you want your hair to grow longer, think your nose is too big or wish you could lose a few pounds.

You deserve better than that. You deserve to feel great. Say these 11 things to yourself each day to boost your self-esteem and feel great:

Morning Talk

1. I am beautiful

Start off your day with positive vibes. Tell yourself you’re beautiful, because you are! Try to mention at least one thing you like about your appearance.

2. I will be productive

Think of a few things you can accomplish during the day, whether it is reaching a difficult goal at work, serving a neighbor or spending time with your children. You’ll feel amazing once you accomplish what you set your mind to, no matter how small the task.

3. I love myself

Sometimes people get stuck a rut where they hate everything about themselves: their looks, their personality and their life. Do not get bogged down by these negative thoughts. Look yourself in the mirror, say, “I love myself”, and be genuine. There’s no one else exactly like you – embrace the things that make you unique.

Afternoon Talk

4. I am working hard

Spark some motivation in the middle of the day by reminding yourself that you’re doing a great job. Everyone has bad days sometimes, but you can push through it. You’re doing the best you can, and that’s what matters.

5. It’s OK to make mistakes

Now you know what to avoid next time. Tell yourself it’s all right and move on. View slip-ups as lessons instead of problems.

6. Nothing is too hard for me

Remind yourself that you can do hard things. Sometimes life gets tough, but there is no task you can’t accomplish. Have confidence in yourself.

Evening Talk

7. Today I did this well

Evaluate your day. Mention one thing you did today that went well, even if it was something small. Sometimes the minor accomplishments are the ones that have the most impact.

8. Today this did not go so well

After you’ve thought about the positives of your day, think of something that didn’t go as planned. The purpose is not to mull over the problem, but to acknowledge it and decide to try better the next day. If you didn’t have any bad experiences today, that’s awesome! It’s just another thing to be grateful for.

9. I am proud of myself

Because you’re probably bummed out after thinking of what went wrong during your day, tell yourself that you’re proud of what you accomplished. You tried your best, and that’s all you can expect of yourself.


Anytime talk

10. Tomorrow I will do this

After evaluating your day, brainstorm what you can do tomorrow to have an even better day. Get yourself pumped up for a wonderful, successful tomorrow.

11. I am enough

If you watch the Video Music Awards (VMA), then you might have heard singer Demi Lovato say “I am enough” before her 2015 VMA performance. We are all enough. Remind yourself of this throughout the day whether you are feeling confident or feeling down.

Saying these phrases isn’t going to completely heal depression, anxiety or your self-doubt, but it can give you the boost your self-esteem needs to thrive (not just survive) today and every day.


Source: https://familyshare.com

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