Poem: SHE

By Damilola Emmanuella Osunneye

When we talk about being a woman,
We’re talking ’bout
Having the mind of a lion
We’re referring to
perseverance,endurance, defiance
The soft bosom of a mother that feeds without a spoon,
Excellence in her soul,with a spirit of flowery festoon.
We’re talking instinct,fire,wisdom,walking works of art.

Immediately she was born.
She was labelled as less,because she was a girl.
Because of what this precious baby had hidden between her legs,
She became a threat to the world.
They didn’t have ears for her voice
Even though she was obviously smarter than the boys.
She was told that the kitchen was her dominion.
No disrespect to those of us who love to cook,
But the woman’s kingdom
is the earth.
More than just skirts and thighs,
dark thighs,light thighs,stretch marks,birth lines
more than just slender hips,or rounded hips,full faces or slim lips.

A woman is not treasure.
She is more than treasure,
You see treasure can be bought,sold and hidden,
But a woman should never
She deserves just as much as her brother.

Who misled the world,told everyone there was a perfect lady?
Society told us we had to be a certain way
But I met God and He called me unique,
Perfectly distinguished
Wonderfully established
He called us worthy
He called us blessed
and He held our hands to lead us to the highest.
Because,its about the heart and the mind
The Spirit and the soul
Not what a man thinks of your behind.

Today, we celebrate progress.
We celebrate every step made to empower the girl child,
We celebrate every scar on the woman
We rejoice because tomorrow is brighter
We celebrate the royalty that is womanhood.
Priceless yesterday, today and forever.

Happy International Womens’ day


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