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Rwanda: Gender Parity Should Be Everyone’s Goal

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Wednesday, March 8th, 2017
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As Rwanda joins the rest of the world to mark the International Women’s Day today, we are challenged to strengthen our resolve to ensure gender parity in our communities.

This year the day will be celebrated under the theme: “Women in the Changing World of Work: Planet 50-50 by 2030”. This challenges each one of us, yet again, to be vehicles for change and to support women and girls to realise their full potential and dreams.


We must also foster an inclusive and gender equal world, where women and girls, men and boys will relate and work as equals, a world that has zero tolerance for practices that degrade or discriminate against women and girls.

Therefore, as a country and individuals, we must support policies and initiatives geared at achieving the greatest change for women. This is against a backdrop that it is anticipated that the gender divide will not be completely addressed until 2086, according to the World Economic Forum.

That’s the more reason for each one of us to ‘be bold for change’ (to invoke this year’s campaign theme) and work toward causing greater change for women to narrow the gender gap. So, let’s join hands and work within our communities and workplaces, promoting bold initiatives to fast-track gender parity.

Remember; ensuring equal opportunities for women and men, girls and boys is everyone’s duty and should never be seen as solely a responsibility of government or employers.

Do all in your sphere of influence, at home, workplace, or community to help women and girls advance and unleash their potential.

Happy Women’s Day festivities. #BeBoldForChange.

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