Abovewhispers Panache : The Natural Hair World

By Grace Shaibu

Natural hair has been the trend for almost two years now. Though, getting inspiration to style the hair, and make some beautiful hair styles have been the issue with those keeping and rocking natural hair.

So, to all those worried about their hair styles for the weekend, we have got you covered!

Enjoy our catalogue of styles.

natural hair 01

natural 2

natural 3


natural 5

natural 6

natural 7

natural 8

natural 10

natural 9

Source: abovewhispers

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One Response to Abovewhispers Panache : The Natural Hair World

  1. DSEED February 25, 2017 at 11:40 pm

    They all looks nice. But I think it is better you don’t keep these if you can’t maintain it well.


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