Kenya: First Ever Mr and Miss Albinism Crowned

By Hilary Kimuyu

Pomp and colour highlighted the first ever Mr and Miss Albinism beauty pageant on Friday night at Carnivore grounds.


During the event that ran under the banner “Beauty Beyond The Skin”, contestants competed in different categories of their choice.

Some of the contestants dressed up in their chosen profession, from fishermen, cook, and even soldier to imply that they too can be part of the workforce.

In the end, Mr Jairus Jzay and Miss Loise Lihanda were crowned the overall winners of the first ever Mr and Miss Albinism to be held in the world.


Deputy President William Ruto among other distinguished dignitaries graced the event which also aimed to boost the confidence and fight stigma associated with people with albinism.

In many parts of Africa, albinism is associated with many misconceptions and superstitions. As a result, many albinos suffer stigma, alienation and even physical abuse.

Through this charity event, Albinism Society of Kenya (ASK) intends to raise money to support other existing programs such as Imarisha Masomo, Miwani Mashinani, Linda Ngozi, Cancer treatment, counselling services among others.


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