Beauty Is More Than Makeup, And More Technical Than We Imagine

Grace Shaibu

Beauty is more than Makeup, it is deeper and more technical than we imagine. Some people do so many spa treatments in and outside Nigeria but do you know that Botox treatment and intensive spa treatment can be done in Nigeria?


Yes! The ‘beauty’ industry is taking a new turn in Nigeria there is a vision to make it the Beauty capital of West Africa and also to bring foreign investors to the industry.

That is the Vision of Kebeth Dali Limited, a spa, botox treatment firm that deals with all skin issues. They are here to give you a good reason why your treatment can be done right here and be Perfect!

Miss Akindele Kebeth Adenike is the CEO of the company and in this interview, she shared with us the role of Kebeth Dali in the industry and the Vision of the company.

She is a young Entrepreneur engrossed with the passion for Beauty.

This is a great piece that you would enjoy



Source: abovewhispers

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