5 Ways To Show Your Children You Appreciate Them


Adults often reflect on their relationships with their parents as they go throughout life. Their childhood memories influence choices and attitudes. There are important ways to make your children feel appreciated and loved.

Reassure them that they are your first priority

So many things demand our attention throughout our days. Our children’s needs should come first, especially in their developing years. Do not become detached by work, social or recreational activities. Give your children the attention and importance they deserve. Praise them for their successes and be there for them when they fail. Be there mentally and physically during the important times of their lives. Assure them that you have got their back no matter what happens.

Encourage togetherness

Create a bond with your child that they can rely on. Establish a culture of family and teamwork so the child feels safe. Make time to go out shopping together, to an occasional movie or just chatting and hanging out over lunch. These short times can add up to great memories they can cling on to. Investing time in your children can show them how deeply you appreciate them and will reap benefits worth more than any other endeavor. You only have a few years to positively influence your children.

Be real

Children are intuitive. They can see right through a fake display of interest. If you want to show appreciation for something they have done, make sure they really feel it. That does not mean you have to spend tons of money or write thank you notes or buy balloons. Look them in the eye and tell them what they mean to you. When they help you around the house, notice it and verbally express your appreciation. Help them know that what they do each day is important to you. Praise them when they deserve it.

Take pictures

If you see your child voluntarily doing something for yourself or others, get out your iPhone and snap a picture. They may be embarrassed at first, but will be aware that you noticed their kindness. You could print it out and give it to them to hang in their room. Document their greatness! Encourage their dreams. They will give their all to seek your approval when your outwardly appreciate them.

Respect their uniqueness

Above all, do not compare your child to siblings, cousins, or any other person. They have special gifts and talents exclusive of others. Appreciate them for who they are. Do not expect them to be something they are not. Remember what is important to them. Celebrate your child. Give them a break when they disappoint. You are your child’s best cheering team. Make sure they know that.

Being a parent is very difficult and takes hard work to balance everything. If your priority is your children, you will make every effort to make them feel loved and appreciated.

Source: http://www.smarterparenting.com/

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