Right Shoes For The Big Age

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Some people think the big age comes with so many weights being shed off. The doctors comes with a list of Do’s and Dont’s. Sometimes you crave for nice things but the age weighs and turn you down. The big age of Sixty and over sixty is not a dilemma, it can be Fun and most especially be an Healthy Fun for You.

One important aspect that women try to fight at this age Is The Shoes. They can’t wear heels anymore and so many complaints but here is the good news. Even at Sixty you can wear your heels, rock your flats and be healthily Fashinonable. You can Slay at Sixty and beyond. There is no aging fashion.

Relax and enjoy a new set of wardrobe Content.

1.The Flat Shoes

The decision not to start is solely on the writer. Flat shoes makes you comfortable, they remind you that you can walk round the world without an extra bag of slippers. It is simple. The feet are balance and this is healthy, it has no aching aftermath for you. If you are wondering the kind of flast shoes to wear, which speaks class and health.

Here are some examples for you.

NEW-2015-women-flats-fashion-nubuck-leather-pointed-toe-women-shoes-beading-ladies-cute-flat-shoes  shoes

The Heels

Who says that the big age can no longer get on heels? That’s a big lie. The fact that you have to shed some weights off the age doesn’t mean that you cannot wear your heels. The only difference here is, your heels must be comfortable for your feet and your knees.  Your heels can be healthy and fashionable. Your age doesn’t take your fashion sense off you it just means that your fashion must be classy and healthy.

Here are some beautiful heels to help build your wardrobe



Get on some sneakers



The age comes with great adventure if you ask me. So, sneakers are good for you, for nice walks, infact you can wear them out for a function. They are also good for street walks, jogs and evry other exercise. The sneakers helps revive some good vibes and they are good for a nice Disco dance.

So., who says you can rock the boat and be very healthy at that big age? Now that you know that the myth of getting on the big age and being unfashionabke is wrong?, Go get your new wardrobe ready!






Source: Abovewhispers.com

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