Women Challenged To Access Their Roles In Development Programmes

By John Mbaraga

Women have been called on to reflect on their role in different government development programmes.

dr diane

The call was made by the Minister for Gender and Family Promotion, Dr Diane Gashumba, on Sunday, during a general assembly of the City of Kigali Women’s Council.

She observed that Rwanda had put in place good legislation which gives women a chance to take part in decision making at all levels.

She cited legislation to protect women and children along with different women’s programmes to ensure their economic development, access to education and other aspects of life, calling on women’s full participation.

“Let us evaluate our roles and contribution in addressing challenges that the country is facing, especially in bringing up children and family promotion,” Gashumba said.

She urged the women committees to work hand in hand with grassroots leadership, National Youth Council to draw everyone’s input in family promotion.

“Visiting households is one way through which we can understand and address society problems,” Gashumba added.

The council sensitises women about their rights, government policies and, above all, their responsibilities in everyday life of the family, according to Horole Muhoza, the City of Kigali women council president.

“In implementing these duties, we have already started a drive to reinforce women programmes at the village level. Currently, the Parents’ Forum (Umugoroba w’ababyeyi) helps solve family conflicts and share ideas on how to develop families and the community as a whole. Our target is to extend this programme to all villages that make up City of Kigali by the end of the year,” Muhoza said.

Julienne Dushimimana, head of Parents’ Forum in Kibiraro I in Remera Sector, said favourable policies had enabled them better their livelihoods.

In our village, she said, “we have different savings accounts in SACCOs, while other women engage in small income generating activities like welding, previously seen as men’s job.”

“We have started to reap big from current policies and plan to start a ‘driving school’ and we will share income with the community, especially our fellow women who were left out,” Dushimimana told The New Times.

During the general assembly, the council elected new vice executive secretary, Chantal Niwemugeni, and director of good governance Yvonne Ndangamira.

Source: allafrica.com

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