CSs Kariuki and Kandie Speak Against Gender Violence

By Joseph Muraya

Jackline Mwende is still admitted at PCEA Kikuyu hospital where she is undergoing treatment after her hands were chopped off by her husband.

On Saturday, Mwende received unusual visitors Cabinet Secretaries Sicily Kariuki and Phylis Kandie–this time not in her maternal home in Kathama village in Machakos County, but in her hospital bed.

The two CSs were accompanied by Principal Secretaries Zainab Hussein (State department of Gender Affairs), Susan Mwachacha (Social Protection and Services) and Josepheta Mukobe (Special programmes).

It is after the visit that a visibly disturbed CS Kariuki said that what happened to Mwende was an, “epitome of gender based violence in the country.”

She lamented that such cases were on the rise but warned that the culprits will not be spared.

“This is one of the worst form of violation of human rights,” she asserted. “There is no amount of provocation that should lead to one human being physically harming another person to this extent.”

According to the CS, women aged between 15-49, forty percent of them have been exposed to violence, particularly those in marriages.

She says the Government will be engaging faith-based organizations to enhance awareness against the menace as well as increase the Gender rescue centers in public hospitals.

The CS attributed the increasing violence against women to,” economic and social status between the victim and the culprit.”

Kandie on her part said the country must start a conversation over the menace, “which risks destroying the important unit of the society.”

“That is not the direction that we should be going while trying to solve family disputes. The family unit is under threat in this country.”

Mwende is currently admitted to the PCEA Kikuyu Hospital where she was taken on Thursday with the support of LG Electronics which has pledged to pay for her prosthetic hands.


Her doctor Michael Maru, on Friday told Capital FM News that Mwende had successfully undergone the “refashioning of the stump. She has taken the operation well and she is in the process of recovery.”

According to the doctor, she is likely to get the prosthetic hands after six weeks, during which, “the wound will be healing.”

A cheerful Mwende on Wednesday told Capital FM News that she had forgiven given her husband, Stephen Ngila but swore never to reconcile with him.

Capital FM News on Friday traced another victim of gender violence in Emali whose hands and a leg were chopped off by her husband, a butcher.

Source: africa.com

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