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Grace Shaibu

The vibes of the young generation is more than noise making like some people think. The next generation is making impact and seeing the need that the older generation failed to meet. They are seeing it and meeting that need so that we do not have the same story to tell.

Young people most especially young women are breaking grounds leaving no measure for laxity and mediocrity. They believe that they can make full impact where ever they are. As usual we have gone on a search and we are happy to present one of such persons right here, so that the old and the young will be inspired to do more and to start doing something if you have not started at all.

Abovewhispers meets Young, Passionate Odeniyi NkemLola,The Founder of The HeartsConnectInitiative, a place for the Girl-child. The HeartsConnect Initiative helps breach the gap in the society concerning the Girl-child, It helps her have an Audible Voice and makes her all she can be. This platform helps create a stand against Violence and every evil that can batter the dreams of the Girl-child.

Enjoy the exclusive interview with Miss Odeniyi and be totally Inspired to Doing Something. It is necessary that we learn the Act and Art of Giving Back.

Give A Glimpse To Your Background

My name is Odeniyi Omolola Nkemakolam, Nigerian Hybrid from Oyo and Imo state. First of three children. I am God’s leading lady, I am versatility personified, I am the Human Smiley and I am Green. I say green because I am promising, I am beautiful, I am rich, I am fresh and I am fruitful!

peace walk

I am an Alumnus of the University of Ibadan with B.Sc. Physiology. Asides my humanitarian works, I am a Creative Freelance Writer & Editor, a Podcaster, Mentor, Mentee, Sister and Friend. My favorite time of the day is the evening, I love the dictionary and I read it a lot, I am a speaker, I am someone who loves to try out new things even out of my field, I am a clean freak; I tell you I can clean a hundred times over! J I also love my sleep and cherish like diamond, and I hate interruptions while I am at it. I am very playful but have my serious moments too. I don’t eat indomie but I love chocolates like a fat kid and bananas like a monkey!

The journey to the initiative

Wow! That’s a big one but I’d say it has been fun, it has been tasking, it has been tough with a lot of doubt and disappointments therein but God has been faithful and I have been steady. Hearts connect initiative was birthed on the 16th day of June 2015; though formerly known as World Hearts connect until she began her official registration and got a slight tweak to the name.  As WHC we carried out our first few works in Rivers State during my service year in 2015; we had works on educational empowerment, peace preaching and gender based violence.

It was indeed a success with the aid of friends, some family members, and friends turned family too. I’d also like to add that the struggle has been reeeeaaaaallll! Oh yes! Imagine starting with nothing and yet dreaming so big, and even in the process; the unforeseen pop-ups! It’s not easy to get up and get to work once you hear the call! Now I know how Eli felt!  But in all, I can say Grace has been abundant till date and I can only thank God; in fact my team and I can only thank God.

Tell us about the challenges you have encountered

Many, many challenges; from environment, personal, finance, even from home—when I’m trying to blend it all but like I said earlier, I am ‘versatility personified’ and again, I just know the strength isn’t mine alone. All Glory to God. Ok let me expatiate on a few challenges. There were times we had plans for some projects some time last year and after drawing up the activity time table; we couldn’t actualize all because of the environment we were in and the particular time slated for it.


Another cahllenge is financial strength.. Hmmmmm it’s not easy to deliver fully when money isn’t sufficient and I know many startups and even solid-feet organizations today can testify to this but the most important thing is HCI has passionate and sound minded people who are ready to work and I tell you; there is no better joy than that which you find in people of like minds; it makes the journey sweet,  less stressful and keeps you on the go because you’d be rest assured that regardless of what happens; you have people that have your back; ready to walk miles with you and I mean strong forces that can’t be broken; really, I know money can’t buy that!

What is your vision for the initiative and where do you see the organization in the next five years?

My vision for Hearts Connect Initiative is simply to raise peace keepers and cause humanitarian relief in as many communities as possible home and abroad. In the next five years, HCI will be a point of contact for peace policy making such that institutions, communities etc. will need us to help pacify certain situations. I remember someone lightly called HCI the “school’s court” but I see her as “society’s court” because everyone is involved.

Tell us about the upcoming event

Walk for Peace 2016 is out to promote human rights and protection of the girl child. We know many are calling the attention of all and sundry to the matters of rights and human protection and so is HCI. We are part of the forces set to put an end to injustice and societal insanity.

peace walk

We want to tell people to wake up and not wait until humanity is wiped off before we look up to the heavens and plead for a second chance! The fact that the victim isn’t a blood relative of mine doesn’t mean I should go or remain mute; I never can tell, the next second can consume any person without prior notification so let’s be our brother’s keepers and do what’s right; enough is enough! Please!!

Who are your mentors in this field?

Well, I don’t exactly have mentors in the area of peace keeping but I have people who give me a health challenge in humanitarian works, people who teach me to manage my affairs personally, spiritually and environmentally and of course, God who is my number one “clarion call” for everything and that pretty much does it for me.

How has your family helped in growing this cause?

Family is always family where they help or not. Yes, a few of them have contributed to the success of this initiative in their different capacities; some emotionally, some physically, some prayerfully, some financially, some “in silence” and all of that. All the same, I am entirely grateful to my larrrrrge family because their actions have thought me patience, persistence, dignity and above all, love.


Source: Abovewhispers

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3 Responses to HeartsConnect With Odeniyi Nkemlola

  1. DSEED July 27, 2016 at 8:40 am

    Proud of you, more grace. The most interested part of her is that she has been persistence and she also remain focus.

  2. Fisayo July 27, 2016 at 3:43 pm

    Lola is a young woman that always inspires me… with her, I always believe “good” is achievable, regardless of the circumstance or situation. Lola, you always have my support in what ever way I’m able to render it. You rock!

  3. se7en July 27, 2016 at 6:46 pm

    Beautiful… Lola is the most passionate and kind lady I have ever met. Im not surprised, I know she is going far.


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