Tanzania: Peace On Call As Nation Remembers Its Heroes

By Katare Mbashiru

President John Magufuli and other leaders have said that without peace and tranquillity, it would be difficult for the country to develop.

Speaking at the Heroes Day celebrations held for the first time here, Dr Magufuli, Zanzibar President Ali Mohamed Shein and Retired Union President Ali Hassan Mwinyi underscored the need for peace in the country.

Thousands of Dodoma residents thronged the Mashujaa Grounds in this municipality yesterday to witness the historic day. President Magufuli used the occasion to extol peace virtues, taking time to remind Tanzanians on the importance of maintaining peace.

“Today is an important day to remember our heroes who sacrificed themselves to ensure that this country remains peaceful. As we remember them, we should cherish peace, unity and tranquillity,” he stressed.

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He said the heroes who died for the country’s cause did not consider their religious or tribal differences, but were moved on by the highest degree of patriotism. “Even if I die today, the most happiness that I will leave this world with is when my country shall remain peaceful,” said the president.

Speaking at the celebrations, retired President Ali Hassan Mwinyi asked Tanzanians to put aside every difference and consider peace and love. Mr Mwinyi said what Dr Magufuli told residents at the Mashujaa Grounds was a reality of what he pledged during his presidential campaigns last year.

He asked Tanzanians to pray for him to ensure he succeeded in all endeavours, especially in making sure that the country remains peaceful. His sentiments were echoed by Zanzibar President Ali Mohamed Shein who asked Tanzanians to put into practice what the two leaders had taken time to preach.

“In ensuring that we promote peace for our country, I will work together with President Magufuli to strengthen unity, peace and tranquillity,” he said. The ceremony was spiced by ample pomp and colour with members of the uniformed forces mounting a special military drill that attracted attention from members of the public.

People from all works of life started thronging the Mashujaa Grounds as early as 7:00 am. Security was beefed up to ensure that everything was in order.

The celebrations were attended by various national leaders, including Union Vice-President, Ms Samia Suluhu Hassan, First Lady Janeth Magufuli and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Tulia Ackson.

Others were Speaker of the Zanzibar House of Representatives, Mr Zubeir Ali Maulid and retired prime ministers Mr Samuel Malecela and Mr Mizengo Pinda.

Source: allafrica.com

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