The Social Justice Teaching In Classrooms

Grace Shaibu

There are certainly so many events in the world, one would quite term as Mostly Unusual events. The shooting attempt made by young lads, the critical racial downturn, the abusive words made by some aspiring leaders makes us wonder what exactly to teach the next generation. In my opinion I think most of them have been forgotten, we have neglected them in pursuing other things than concenytrating on making sure that they do not make the same mistakes the older generation has made.

The question is this, How do we teach these ones? In a world where young children are exposed to so many ills in the society making it seem as ‘normal’. In a world where a child can pick a gun to school to gundown every rebel attempt on his/her personalty? How do we make the world sane? I think parents, teachers and instructors have left these children behind. The onus is on us to teach them what an ideal society is. Every parent, teacher and instructor is challenged is make these young ones know the right thing.

Teach them Relationships. Talk to them and seek their opinion about what they see around them. Most educators talk about current affairs, informing them about what goes around in their world but have you thought about telling them their roles in making their world a smooth course? Instructors/Educators spend more time with these children and should bear in mind that they have the responsibility of keeping them informed correctly.

It’s more than informing them, it’s about making them know and doing the right thing. You might be confused about how to go about this, So, Here are some tips to help you carry this assignment even beyond the classroom.

  1. Understand Your Students

One very important technique is Study. Before getting on the move about the right information, understand your students which means you have to know their attitude, their preferances. You have to sudy every reaction, pick on a topic and see how everychild reacts to this. Understand their capacity to learn alongside their assimilation.

Before you move know your students this will help you pick the right words and right pattern of teaching.



2.  Let Them Speak

Converse with them. For instance, when you pick a topic of interest for them, let them talk about them. Allow them to express their opinions and don’t keep them shut. It’s important that you do not dominate this peculiar kind of teaching. Teachings on Character Building, Relationships amongst people, Peace-Keeping etc. You allow them speak their minds and make your opinion a discussion with them. This will allow them understand the topic and see their need in doing something positive in the society.

You can put them in smaller groups, make them debate and allow them listen to themselves. Remind them that it’s no competition, it is just a pace for good education.


3. Let Your Topics Be Clear Enough.

Remember this is Basic Discussion about Societal Menace so keep your discussion and your points clear enough for them. Talk about the issue of Race, Immigration, Colour, Attitudes and Acceptance. Tell them that it is possible to live in a sane world. Make them know that nothing keeps them from being a keeper of any human being in the world. Let them speak on ways they tend to do this. This means, it must be very practical. You can also pick stories from the news as casestudy, which will aid their understanding about their Stand in making positive growth in the world.


4. Allow Technology.


Allow them interact with technology. Make discuss this on the social media platforms, use the laptop to create some very good hangouts for them. Let them use illustrative pictures, Youtube recording, surveys and vox pop. This will make them anticipate for more and see this as an eductaively exciting section in Class.


5. Summarize

Each time, let them give an overview of what they have learnt and how they plan engaging their friends. It is expedient that they are allowed to summarize, explain and engage what they have learnt. This will enable them keep them and brand them as ambassodors of a good cause





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  1. Femi Diipo July 25, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    I totally agree with these


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