Zimbabwe: Government To Take Over The Late Mujuru Linked Diamond Company

THE government will soon take over a diamond mine linked to the late General Solomon Mujuru, a cabinet minister has revealed.

River Ranch Limited, located in Beitbridge, is 80 percent controlled by Limpopo Mining Resources while Khupukile Resources, which was owned the late army general, controls the remaining 20 percent.

Addressing delegates at the 2016 Mine Entra Conference, mines and mining development minister Walter Chidhakwa, said the mine would soon be incorporated into Zimbabwe Consolidated Mining Company (ZCDC).

“When we gazette the show cause order, the investor must tell us what his programme of resuscitating the mine is. If we are convinced, we would then allow him to proceed but if we are not we will proceed to cancel the licence,” said Chidhakwa.


“In the case of River Ranch, because government has taken a position that diamond mining is a preserve of government, we will be proceeding after the show cause order to communicate to them the government policy and we will then make it part of the consolidated company that was established for diamonds.”

Chidhakwa said he hoped the legal process would be concluded soon so that the mine resumes operations.

The minister also said he was confident that the legal battle involving government and two Chinese-run diamond companies, Anjin and Jinan, would soon be concluded so that ZCDC can move into their concessions and resume mining activities.

“Anjin and Jinan went to the Constitutional Court and they are seeking their rights. Rights are given in terms of the Mines and Minerals Act,” he said

“What it (court fight) has done for us is that it has kept us out of the mining area which, for me, is much more disastrous but we are working through it and we believe that since they did not go to the Supreme Court the order by the two High Court judges still stands and therefore, we can on the basis of these two court orders evict them.”

In February this year, government evicted all diamond mining firms operating at Marange and merged into the state-owned ZCDC.

Source: allafrica.com

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